This selection of bulletproof purses boasts a range of stylish colors to suit every taste, all crafted from luxurious, high-quality leather.

For life-saving protection without sacrificing on design or practicality, each purse comes complete with a 17-ounce ballistic Kevlar panel that is light enough for daily use but strong enough to guard against threats up to a .44 Magnum pistol round.

The best way to use any of these bulletproof bags is to use it as a shield to protect your head and face in the event of an active shooter incident. For example, if the shooter is in front of you, hold it in front of your face as you crouch in a defensive position. Wear on your back if you are running from the scene.

And you won’t have to compromise on storage either. The spacious main interior compartment is kept secure by magnetic buttons for added peace of mind knowing that your items remain safe and sound at all times.

Note: Not available for sale internationally or to New York or Connecticut, due to applicable laws. 

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