Micro Escape and Evasion Kit
Micro Escape and Evasion Kit
Micro Escape and Evasion Kit
Micro Escape and Evasion Kit

Micro Escape and Evasion Kit

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In an emergency your last line of defense might be what you have with you at the time, and nothing else. There are places all over the world where you can't rely on the police, the local government, or even the US Embassy to get you out of trouble in the event that it finds you.

When that happens, you need to be prepared. And now, the tools that might save your life one day are available in a small, disguised package that can easily escape the notice of an adversary when you need them most.

This Micro Escape and Evasion Kit is a miniature but comprehensive escape kit. It weighs just 0.3 ounces but could greatly increase your odds when escaping unlawful captivity is your best survival option. It contains multiple options for freeing yourself from restraints, cutting through obstacles, or even creating snares when on the run. 

 The kit includes the following:

 - One Bare Minimum Handcuff Key
 - One Micro Escape Tool saw/handcuff shim pick
 - One ceramic razor blade
 - Six feet of Kevlar® Trip Line for cutting through zip-ties or other obstacles
 - One diamond rod saw. 

 All five of these items are contained inside a tiny 0.35” x 0.35” x 2” compartment.  The textured matte black housing is waterproof, tightly sealed, and unobtrusive, making this ideal as a “hidden in plain sight” device. The contents are tightly packed so there is no telltale rattle if the housing is shaken or pulled on. It also requires determined force to open it, so a casual examination is unlikely to elicit any concern from someone conducting a personal search. Note, the  kit contains metal items so it will show up on an X-ray scan. If you are flying commercial you should leave this in your checked bag. 

 The Micro Escape and Evasion Kit can be used as a zipper pull on your jacket or backpack, concealed inside your waistband but retained on a belt loop, or hidden most anywhere else.

 The Micro Escape and Evasion Kit is made in the USA.

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