Spycraft 101 Pick Wallet

Spycraft 101 Pick Wallet

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If your tools aren’t close at hand when you need them, they won’t do you much good when the time comes. You can keep your surreptitious entry and lock bypass kit handy with this handmade, low profile leather pick wallet.  

This is not some mass-produced, fabric-and-Velcro organizer shipped across the Pacific by the thousands. The Spycraft 101 Pick Wallet is hand made. That means it’s hand dyed, hand stamped, hand sewn, and hand finished. It’s constructed from premium Wicket and Craig veg tan leather and gunmetal gray hardware which will stand up to years of carry and use. The hardware is gunmetal grey. The black dye and black stitching give it the appearance of a wallet at first glance, with no hint of the contents. T

Inside there are six pockets in four different sizes, perfect for snugly carrying a wide variety of tools. The two largest pockets will fit a Multipass, Hook-It tool, or other credit-card sized entry device. The four smaller pockets are ideal for carrying shims, picks, tension wrenches, jigglers, and other similar items up to approximately 3.5” long.

The front of the pick wallet features a 2” x 2” Spycraft 101 diamond logo, showcasing four of the most important tools in a spy's arsenal.

The lock picks are used for surreptitious entry of an adversary's office or home.  The ink pen is for the recording and transmitting of critical intelligence information, or the concealment of a cyanide pill. The camera is for clandestine photography by a confidential source, and the knife is a last line of defense when an agent or case officer is in the enemy's heartland.

The Spycraft 101 pick wallet slips easily into a front pants pocket and will secure and protect your tools until you need them.

Dimensions: 4” x 3” x 0.6” when closed

Weight: 1.70z when empty

Note: the Spycraft 101 Pick Wallet does not include any of the tools seen here. 

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