Covert Card Entry Tool Kit
Covert Card Entry Tool Kit

Covert Card Entry Tool Kit

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At a glance, the Covert Card Tool Kit appears to be just another gift card. In reality though, it's a well-stocked tool kit for escape, evasion, and surreptitious entry.

The Covert Card Tool Kit is manufactured using actual gift cards, so designs will vary and only a few will be identical. The Covert Card Tool Kit's discreet, low-profile design means the tools within will escape notice of all but the most determined and thorough of searches. Furthermore, they are tightly packed and remain silent during carry – no rattle or movement. Just keep it in your wallet with your other cards and it will always be available when needed.

The tools are mounted on a high-density, closed-cell, non-absorbent, proprietary foam material which is coated on one side with a reusable adhesive. The tools are held securely in place, but can easily be removed and re-affixed.

The Covert Card tool kit includes:

Rake Lock Pick
Handcuff Lock Pick /  Feeler Lock Pick
Tension Tool (bend-to-fit)
Diamond Rod Saw
Bypass Knife Tool
Mini Shim Decoder
Handcuff Shim Pick / Saw
Diamond Escape Disc
Ceramic Razor Blade

The Covert Card Tool Kit is manufactured in the USA.

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