Cyclops City Rake Lock Picking Earrings
Cyclops City Rake Lock Picking Earrings

Cyclops City Rake Lock Picking Earrings

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Sometimes hiding in plain sight is the way to go. And if something is sufficiently eye-catching, its form can mask its function. Purpose concealed behind appearance.

That's the case with these Cyclops City Earrings. At first glance they're nothing more than jewelry. But a closer look reveals that each earring is actually a set of minimalist lockpicks. 

The pair consists of two tension tools, a Bogota rake pick, and a City rake pick. You can wear these almost anywhere and only draw the right kind of attention with them, until you need them. They can easily and naturally be concealed just by wearing your hair down, assuming it's long enough. 

They're likely to pass any personal search since they aren't hidden in the slightest. Jewelry is one of the few metallic items that people expect to wear and carry on a daily basis, so it won't arouse suspicion in most cases. You can also leave them in a jewelry roll-up organizer in your carry-on baggage to blend in with other items if necessary. 

The earring hooks are made of 925 Sterling Silver, while the tools themselves are stainless steel. At less than one ounce for the pair, they aren't noticeably heavier than other large earrings and can be comfortably worn for long periods. 

If you aren't in the habit of wearing earrings yourself, these make a great gift for a family member who is interested in lock bypass or preparedness in general. 

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