eBook - Spy Shots Volume I - 101 True Tales of Espionage

eBook - Spy Shots Volume I - 101 True Tales of Espionage

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The world of spycraft is equal parts fascinating and mysterious. Famously referred to as the “wilderness of mirrors” by CIA counterintelligence chief James Jesus Angleton, it can be difficult to pierce the veil of espionage history and separate fact from fiction.

Spies and spycraft have been a part of our international relations and indeed our very nature since the dawn of humanity. From the story of Israelite spies Joshua and Caleb in the Old Testament, to underground sensors invented during the Zhou Dynasty in ancient China, all the way up through the Cold War and beyond. The organizations involved, and the technology used may change, but the human factor is eternal. Weaknesses are
exploited, loyalties are tested, and acts of incredible daring are accomplished in complete secret, not to see the light of day for decades to come.

Here I have collected 101 anecdotes to introduce you to the tools, weapons, characters, and history of spycraft. If this brief introduction leaves you with a thirst for more, you are not alone.

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