KGB Ruble Note

KGB Ruble Note

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These rubles were previously on display at the KGB Museum in New York City. They were showcased to demonstrate how the KGB used cash for operational funds. I’ve sold over one hundred of these in the past few months.

When the KGB museum closed in 2020 during the pandemic shutdown, all of their artifacts were auctioned off, including these rubles. I won the whole lot, and now you can have some yourself.

You are purchasing one bill which may be in one of the following denominations:

1 руб

3 руб

5 руб

10 руб

25 руб

These notes are from the 1961 and 1991 issued series. All available banknotes are well worn, having passed through many hands and many transactions over the years before they made their way into the KGB museum's collection. It's hard to imagine all the ways they might have been used during the Cold War.

Please note, I will select the denomination depending on the limited stock I have on hand, and I cannot guarantee you will receive a specific denomination, condition, or mint year. 

Although Soviet rubles are available elsewhere, these are the only available rubles in the world with provenance from a KGB museum display. Don’t miss out, because once they’re gone, they’re gone.

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