LTX1 Multi-function Luggage Tag
LTX1 Multi-function Luggage Tag
LTX1 Multi-function Luggage Tag

LTX1 Multi-function Luggage Tag

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The Luggage Tag – Xray 1 is a multi-functional tool designed to blend in perfectly with your travel gear while providing you options when you need them.

The LTX1 can be used for bypassing simple doorknob locks equipped with a spring-latch or a slanted-latch.

It can also be used as a privacy screen for video calls on a mobile device. Simply place over the front camera to 'blur' your face/background. Light will still enter the sensor so the screen will remain on. There are several applications that can be found online that assist in spying on someone through their cell phone camera, so the LTX1 is designed to help you mitigate that risk. The included rubber band can be stretched over your phone to hold the LTX1 over the rear-facing camera.

The LTX1 is frosted and can be placed over printed text with the cut-out slot over the sensitive or private information. Using a black marker pen you then cover the text in black to redact the information from a document in preparation for publication. Ideally you should then photocopy/scan the document and destroy the first copy to prevent recovery of the redacted text.

The LTX1 effectively disappears into your wallet or onto your luggage, taking up no space and adding no weight to your loadout, but will be there when you need it most. Never leave home without it.

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