Wallet Carry Lock Picking Set
Wallet Carry Lock Picking Set
Wallet Carry Lock Picking Set

Wallet Carry Lock Picking Set

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A tool is only useful if it's available when you need it. 

That's why this Wallet Lock Pick Set is perfectly-sized to go everywhere you go and be on hand for when the need arises. 

The eight-piece set is housed in a credit card-sized soft sleeve so you can fit it directly into a card slot in your wallet. You won't have to worry about whether your go-bag or trunk supply setup is nearby, because as long as you have your wallet, your bypass tools are there too. 

The Wallet Lock Pick Set contains the following tools:

  • EZ Decoder - Used to open many combination padlocks made by Sesame and Master Lock, as well as many luggage locks and cash boxes by decoding or shimming.
  • Quick Stick - Designed to quickly open many heel and toe locking dogs on padlocks, as well as keyways on most file cabinet locks and tool chests.
  • Bypass knife tool – Similar to the Quick Stick but with greater length.
  • Z-Bar Tension Wrench – For applying tension while picking a lock.
  • #08 Short Hook – Simple pick with a flat top for picking individual pins.
  • Covert Jiggler – Useful for standard size wafer keyways such as filing cabinets, access panels, and even some manual car door locks.
  • Stainless Steel Key-style Split Pawl Shim – capable of opening single-locked cuffs and higher security “anti-shim” designs using the slit in the pawl of the shim.  

 Note: These tools are made primarily from steel so they will not pass unnoticed through a metal detector, but lock picks are not considered weapons and are not prohibited in many places where a knife or other sharp implement might be confiscated. 

Combine the Wallet Lock Pick Set with the EZ-Pass Multicard tool (sold separately) to have additional options available for bypassing door latches. 

The Wallet Lock Pick Set is manufactured in the USA by a veteran-owned small business.

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