Yankee Commandante Sticker

Yankee Commandante Sticker

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William Alexander Morgan was Fidel Castro's anti-communist Yankee commandante. He fought for the liberation of the Cuban people against the Batista regime, leading a small band of fighters in the Sierra de Escambray mountains to victory against Batista's numerically superior forces. After Batista fled the country and Fidel Castro took power, Morgan worked a farm in the mountains, providing jobs to hundreds of impoverished locals. But he soon came under suspicion for his American upbringing and liberty-mindedness as Che Guevara helped turn Castro towards communism. In 1961, Morgan was seized by Castro's thugs and given a one-day show trial at the infamously brutal La Cabana prison. Facing the firing squad, he was told to get on his knees and beg for his life.  Morgan's last words were, "I kneel for no man." 


This four-inch wide sticker is an original design commemorating Morgan's bravery and sacrifice for the benefit of an oppressed people. 

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